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The design of this series addresses the needs of rheumatology clinicians and other specialists involved in the care of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

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Despite the known short- and long-term adverse outcomes related to glucocorticoid use, patients with SLE are still taking moderate to high daily doses of steroids. Fortunately, 2 biologic therapies aimed at different therapeutic targets in the type I interferon pathway and with better safety profiles than glucocorticoids are currently available for use. These biologics, along with off-label immunosuppressants, can be implemented in customized ways to mitigate or eliminate the use of glucocorticoids in patients with SLE. In this Hot Topics series, an expert rheumatologist will provide focused education on the clinical profiles of currently available biologic therapies and best practices for individualizing disease management in patients with SLE. Utilizing an engaging delivery format that combines graphics and video, this educational series meets the needs of busy clinician learners who wish to stay current on the evolving best practices in managing patients with SLE.

Webcast Series 
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SLE Pathophysiology

Webcast Series 
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Individualizing Steroid-Sparing Regimens in SLE

Webcast Series 
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Targeted Biologic Treatment Options in SLE

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